Jeanie JQ is a contemporary brand of shoes, belts, bags, wallets and flat document files.

The brand was established to merge creative items and carefully selected materials from different parts of the world to produce a unique product which is Hand crafted.

The brand’s commitment has always been to design, manufacture and distribute fine leather products with emphasis on comfort and style

Designs created by Jeanie JQ are targeted to meet the varied tastes of all. There is always that creative blend of authentic leather with hint of fabric with African inspired motifs.

Designs are derived from individual concepts and themes, thus making every single piece tell its own special story. This makes each design a unique masterpiece.

Designs are created by shopping the globe to bring in the best materials, such as metal pieces, leathers and also analyse seasonal trends in the fashion industry. Inspiration for designs are gotten from all around and also from the designers own life experiences.

While comfort and value are emphasized, style is never compromised.

Creativity is the fuel that drives our accessory designs and fashion is our mission.